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HDFC is one of the most secure banks in India for investment. So, today I will tell you about the HDFC sip calculator if you are from a lower middle-class family and want to invest even RS. 2000 per month. And I want to know how much you can earn after 10 years.

What is HDFC SIP Calculator?

If you want to make your investment journey successful. And you want to invest in Mutual funds through HDFC bank. And want your investment should be deducted from your bank account automatically and applied to your selected SIP mutual funds plan. Now you want to calculate your and get an overview of your investment and how much you can get after this investment then you are at the right place and this HDFC SIP calculator will help you to calculate your SIP returns. You just have to put in the basic details of your investment like how much money you’re putting in every month, and how long you plan to invest for.

HDFC SIP Calculator

How Can a SIP Calculator Help You?

It is a good strategy to invest at a regular interval. And HDFC sip calculator will help you to know about your investment and how your money can grow over time.

  • With HDFC SIP Calculator, you can decide how much money to invest and for how many years.
  • It helps to give you an overview of your returns and how much money you can get back from your investment.
  • You can also plan how much to invest regularly to reach your financial goals.
  • Using the calculator is simple. You just need to enter your amount, month, and expected return rate, and it does the math for you.
  • The results are easy to understand, even if you’re not good with numbers.
  • You can change the investment amount, time period, and type of investment to see different outcomes.

How does an HDFC SIP Mutual Fund Calculator Work?

Basically, it works on a formula. So I have set a formula in the SIP calculator. And you just put your investment amount, time period (months, quarters, years), and expected rate of returns. And after that just click on the calculate button and it will generate a maturity value of your investment.

Formula we used in calculator is FV = P x {[(1 + r) n – 1] ÷} x (1 + r)

In which

FV = Future value of investments
P = SIP contributions per month
r = expected rate of return (XIRR, in this case)
n = number of SIP installments

So, now I will explain to you with an example of how this calculator works.

For Example, you want to invest RS. 25000 every month for a time period of 10 years at an expected 12% rate of returns. Then your total investment will be RS. ₹30,00,000. And the total money you will get will be RS. ₹58,08,477.

Advantages of HDFC SIP calculator

It gives you details of your returns. If you have a dream to buy a car but you don’t know how many years I have to invest in HDFC SIP. Then I will calculate the amount for you with the years that you have to invest in SIP and after that, you will be able to buy your dream car. Like if you have a monthly salary RS. 50000. And you want that the RS. 2000 will be deducted automatically from your salary for SIP. And you do this for 20 years. Then after 20 years, you will earn RS. 1,998,296. And with this money, you can buy your dream products.

This is a very simple and easy-to-use calculator. You just have to add your information and it will calculate your returns on one click. So, you are one click away from calculating your SIP returns.

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