SBI Sip Calculator

You want to invest in a mutual funds through SBI Bank. Then this SBI SIP calculator is very helpful for you to calculate your SIP returns. And it will give a overview of your returns on the basis of historical returns rate.

Investment Amount is required
Expected Annual Returns is required
Investment Period is required

SBI SIP investment is also considered as one of the secured investments in India. And now the trend of mutual funds has gone up every year because most people are getting profits from SIP investment. According to data released by the Association of Mutual Funds in India, the market increased from Rs. 5.83 trillion to Rs. 24.25 trillion.

It is an Online calculator that will help you to calculate your returns on investment. It will give data on the basis of past returns. So, from getting knowledge from the past returns. You can predict your future returns with this calculator.

So, it will give you a full detailed overview of your returns and how much you will get after your investment tenure whether it is for a week, month, or year. These mutual funds are directly linked to the market.

If the market goes up the price of your shares and stocks will also go up and if the market goes down the price of your shares and stocks will also go down. But in SIP investment the fluctuation of the market does not affect your stocks because of the cost averaging value.

SBI SIP Calculator

How SBI SIP calculator help you

  • This is a very straightforward and user-friendly tool. Just you have to input your investment details like weekly, monthly, or yearly investment amount, time period, and expected rate of returns. After that, it will automatically calculate your expected returns in one click. So, you can easily plan your investment with this calculator.
  • It is very difficult to give you the accurate result of your returns. Because of the fluctuation in the market. So, our calculator will predict your returns on the basis of historical data. And it will give an estimated overview of your returns. This gives you a reasonably accurate idea of what your investment might grow to be, helping you plan your finances.
  • Manually calculating the SIP returns will be very complex and time-consuming for you. So, our tool will automate your process and allow you to focus on your financial goal. Because of that, you will get a better result from your investments.
  • It is very important for you to select the right SIP investment plan for successful investment planning. If you choose the wrong plan it might be very dangerous for your financial goal. So first use this calculator and plan your investment to see how much you can easily invest. After that select your SIP plan.

Formula to calculate SBI Returns

SBI used XIRR to calculate the historic returns. Today I will show you the formula and explain to you with an example to calculate SBI Returns.

Formula: FV = [P x r x (1 + i)^ n – 1]/i} x (1 + i)

In this formula

FVFuture value
P  SIP amount
I    Compound rate of returns
R  Expected rate of returns
N  Number of installment

So, if you have invested RS 2000 every month for the time period of 3 years. And the expected rate of returns is 16% per annum. So, the wealth you will gain after 3 years will be ₹5,92,943.02.

Wealth Gained              ₹3,52,943.02
Invested Amount           ₹2,40,000
Total Wealth                  ₹5,92,943.02

How to use SBI SIP calculator

It is a very simple and easy to use calculator and accessible for anyone. So please follow these step to use this SBI Sip calculator

  1. Enter your Investment amount
  2. Select time period
  3. Enter your expected rate of returns.

Once you add this information after that click on the calculate button and it generates your SIP returns within a second.

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