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If you have invested ICICI bank and you want to calculate your SIP returns then our ICICI SIP calculator will help you to give you overview of your estimate returns. You will gain insights of your investments with ICICI Bank are expected to perform over time.

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If you want to achieve your different financial goals then invest in a mutual fund through SIP. You must choose your mutual fund’s plan according to your financial goal. Like if you want to invest for the long term then invest in Equity funds. For short-term goals, you can invest in debt funds like an investment for a holiday.

So, for that purpose, you can invest a fixed amount of money in mutual funds schemes for a regular interval of time for a week, month, or year rather than a lump sum amount. SIP becomes more popular in mutual funds because in SIP you don’t have to care about the share price of the stocks.

If you want to invest in equity funds the best strategy is that you have to invest in stocks when the market is down and you have to sell the stocks when the market is up. But if you want to know when the market will go up and when it will be down.

Suppose, you are investing in a stock market without timing the stock market. In this case, you will invest in a stock market on different levels. So, when the price of the share increases, you will sell less stock. And also when the stock price is low you will also buy fewer stocks.

So, for a long-term purpose, you can average out the prices of the equity funds stocks. And the Impact of market fluctuations should be reduced. And it is also called rupee cost averaging. And it is also one of the biggest benefits of investing in equity funds. So, if you want to know how to calculate ICICI SIP investment please read this article completely.

ICICI SIP calculator

How to calculate ICICI Mutual funds returns

When you say that your equity mutual fund generated five-year returns of 12% what does it mean? Does this mean that you have invested in mutual funds 5 years ago? If you had done this, you would have got a total return of 12% or does it mean something else?

And you are thinking that if you invested in mutual funds SIP and lump sum then also you get the same returns. However, it is very tricky to understand mutual funds.

Now I will explain to you with an example. Suppose on 1st January 2021

You have invested = RS 1 Lac

Nav of the Fund = RS 20 

Allotted units = 5000

Suppose after 3 years you have redeemed this equity fund at RS 1,41,000.  So now you investment has increased by 41,000.

Now we will calculate the percentage of your equity funds returns by CAGR formula.

CAGR = (Ending Value / Beginning Value) ^ (1 / Number of Years) – 1

CAGR = (1,41,000 / 1,00,000) ^ (1 / 3 ) -1

CAGR = 12.13% 

So, the average annual return from your equity funds is 12.13%. 

Advantages of ICICI SIP calculator

  1. It will give an estimated overview of your returns and how they will grow over time. By inputting details like your investment amount, time period, and expected rate of return, the calculator predicts the future value of your investment.
  2. With this calculator, you can plan your future financial goals. Whether it’s saving for a dream vacation, funding your children’s education, or building a retirement corpus. So, you can visualize how much you need to invest regularly to achieve these goals.
  3. The manual calculation will be tough for you. And by manual calculation, there is a possibility that you can face some errors. But with this calculator, you can perform your calculations very easily. You can calculate your returns with one click. You can use this calculator for unlimited time. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your financial planning. By using the ICICI SIP Calculator, you minimize the risk of errors associated with manual calculations.

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